​2017 PGA Show - Orlando, Florida - Jan 24-27

   The weather for the 2017 PGA show was fantastic. The locals thought it was more than a bit on the cool side at 65-70 degrees. Ah perfection for us northerners! 
   This show was big! I clocked almost 20,000 steps a day at the show, which is nearly 10 miles. The show was considerably larger than last year, which made it difficult to find vendors that I wanted to see from last year. My primary goal at the show was to find equipment, training aids, and other golf products to improve your game and experience … if your game and experience  improve, your time at Nehoiden will be even better and more enjoyable. 
   This year Patrick Willoughby asked me to investigate a few new products for the golf course.  I spent time looking at swing cages (for the first tee), range mats, billing software, and golf boards (easy-to-ride electric vehicles). I also looked for new logo items, soft goods, and hard goods for the pro shop online store. 
   The show was great this year featuring lots of interesting equipment, golf bags and some very ingenious, yet simple, training aids for putting and full swings. I look forward to sharing what I learned at the 2017 PGA show with you this golf season.